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“Our All Together Now Showcase for Invisible Children at SXSW was awesome. Jennifer DaRe put together a pro event. It was very organized, well attended and all the bands sounded amazing. We are honored to be apart of it.” ~ Jawnee, That Noise

“We had a really fun time! SXSW is the kind of place where you can see all your favorite bands and just stumble upon new ones. I feel as a band, we introduced ourselves to a lot of new faces at the All Together Now Showcase and overall it was a great experience.” ~ Tay Jardine, We Are The In Crowd

“The All Together Showcase was one of the highlights of our time at SXSW 2010. The crowd was great and it was good feeling knowing that Invisible Children would benefit from the event. Big thanks to Jennifer DaRe for inviting us and we can only hope our paths cross again.” ~ The Law

“It was a very well put together show. a great turnout. a heart-wrenching and deserving cause. and a fun way to end our foray into the southbysouthwest jungle. big thanks to Jennifer for inviting us and pulling off such an ambitious event. big love and respect to the people at invisible children. bon courage.” ~ Tim Baker, Hey Rosetta!

“Thank you for having us at the ATN showcase at SXSW this year. The audience were lovely, it was a good cause, and we wholeheartedly enjoyed the experience.” ~ Kate Miller-Heidke

“South By Southwest in Austin, TX was an experience I’ll take with me everywhere I go. The ability to perform at this prestigious and music-loving event is a gift worth sharing if it were possible to do so. As a member of Andrew Ripp’s band, we played one showcase that particularly caught my attention. Jennifer DaRe produced the All Together Now Showcase at the Bayou Club raising awareness for Invisible Children. Most showcases at South By Southwest seemed to be a rush to get bands on and off the stage — a frenzy of mutual desire to catch the attention of a transient crowd. This showcase was different. The music lovers who attended were there to see the music. They stayed to see the unique blend of musical styles Jennifer had acquired. When I perform, my positive and negative memories come from the venue, the sound, and the folks who manage both. In this case, all of those people were top notch, well-placed, and courteous. Despite the hectic schedule, the sound was clear and personal to each act. To go from a heavy sound of drums and electric guitars to two acoustics and vocals in 10 minutes requires a fair amount of know-how. I’m sure I don’t know how it went as well as it did; but I can assume it was due to strong planning, intensive experience, and an ear for good music. I’m happy to have been part of that particular event and look forward to the next time I can work with anything supporting Invisible Children.” ~ Kevin Mileski, Andrew Ripp

“The All Together Now Showcase was easily our best show in Austin! We got to play for a packed club of music fans, and the sound and crew were excellent. Jennifer DaRe put on a top-flight showcase that rivaled any of the so-called “official” events going on in town, and it was a true pleasure to support the great work of Invisible Children.” ~ John Brodeur, Artist

“ATN Showcase was an all out talent fest, an honor to be there with great people, great music, a great venue with a attentive and accommodating crew.” ~ TheSexualFrustration

“This year’s All Together Now Showcase was even better than last year. Jennifer DaRe knows how to put together a solid showcase right in the heart of 6th street, with top-notch crew and superb sound. Thanks again for having us! We really did have a great experience with your showcase. We played 3 other SX shows, yours really had the best sound… Our official showcase probably had a bigger sound system, but the sound person was very uninvolved, not paying attention to any of the bands.” ~ Jonathan Devoto, Bird by Bird

“As part of our debut US tour it was great to play the “All Together Now” Showcase. Invisible Children of East Africa is a great initiative, so well done Jennifer DaRe for running a top event at SXSW 2010.” ~ Kava Kava (UK)

“It was such an honor to play at the All Together Now Showcase. Not only did Jennifer DaRe put together an incredible line-up of bands at a fantastic venue, but it was also really wonderful to be a part of an event that promoted Invisible Children, an extremely important cause that we’re proud to support. We would love to play on any other event Jennifer puts together in the future.” ~ Michael of Lady Danville

“We were very happy to perform at the All Together Now Showcase to benefit Invisible Children! Both the sound and camera crew were incredibly kind and cool to work with, and we are grateful to contribute to a very important cause. Thank you Jennifer DaRe and the entire ATN team for this opportunity. We very much appreciated the filming of the Lynhurst show, and can’t wait to see the footage.” ~ Mari, Matt & Jake, Lynhurst

“Performing at the ATN Showcase was such an amazing experience. We had a blast, the show was lined up and down with fantastic bands, and working towards a common cause such as Invisible Children’s benefit is always extremely satisfying. Jennifer DaRe blew my mind with how efficient and well thought-out the entire two day showcase was put together, I would not hesitate to be a part of next year’s, and as always thank you so much for having us!” ~ Curran Blevins, The Right Coast

“Playing Jennifer DaRe’s “All Together Now Showcase” was a great step up from most of the SXSW free-for-all. I think everyone, audience included, was happy to take a break from the shmooze-fest and be a part of a show for a cause like Invisible Children. It didn’t hurt that Bayou Lounge had the best sound on 6th St.” ~ Jesse Macht, Burn Down The Mission

“Jennifer DaRe’s ATN Showcase had great sound and a perfect backline. The club was constantly packed and all the bands were amazing. The soundman knew how to dial in all the different genres, and Jennifer made everything so easy. In all it was an awesome SXSW experience, she made it easy to showcase our unique style.” ~ Ryan Bradley, Ryan Bradley Affair

“My first SXSW experience was really fantastic. Jennifer DaRe’s ATN Showcase was so pro and easy, with great sound and the kind of friendly people involved you wish you could deal with at every show. Turns out I had more fans in Austin than I thought and the fact that we were able to help promote Invisible Children made the whole week that much better. I’m already thinking about next year! Thanks to all involved!” ~ Wil Seabrook, Artist

“Out of all the showcases we have played at SouthBy, The All Together Now Showcase has been my favorite. It’s very organized and Jennifer DaRe is a sweetheart. I also enjoyed checking out the other bands she chose, heard a lot of good music I didn’t know.” ~ Forrest Day

“The all together now showcase we played at this years sxsw was one of our favorite shows of the festival. Jennifer was amazing and we can’t wait to see everyone from ATN again.” ~ Zac Barnett, The blue pages

“Thanks for including us in your ATN showcase. It was great playing to good people for a good cause.” ~ Kevin Peroni of Wiretree

“The sound was really good, and everything ran really smoothly. Thanks for having us.” ~ Justin Wilcox, Moonlight Bride.

“A great opportunity that benefited a wonderful movement called Invisible Children. We felt privileged to be a part of it.” ~ Mark Shami, Action Item

“We had the most outrageous and fun time at the All Together Now Showcase!! Jennifer DaRe was absolutely amazing to us and made it the easiest and best time ever! Thank you so very much for the time and love!
~ Eli James, Little Red Radio

“Really happy when Jennifer DaRe asked my band Kava Kava to play
the “All Together Now” showcase at SXSW 2010. To be able to use music to
draw attention to war-affected children in east Africa and the
“Invisible Children” project is a very worthwhile endeavor.”
~ Pat Fulgoni (singer) / Kava Kava / Chocolate Fireguard Records UK andwww.musicyorkshire.com

“Chelsea Automatic had a great time at the All Together Now Showcase at SXSW. Jennifer DaRe set up a flawless event, and we hope to play it again next year!” ~ Jeremy Marx


“The ATN Showcase was the perfect place for our final show at SxSW and we definitely went out with a bang. Overall, it was a great room with amazing energy and a number of industry which made for killer networking. Jennifer DaRe was also a pleasure to work with. Definitely want to showcase with ATN again next year!” ~ Kim Koury/Spin PR (on behalf of Audible Mainframe)

“The All Together Now Showcase at SXSW 2010 was a huge success
due in no small part to the supreme efforts of Jennifer DaRe who once
again showcased some great bands whilst raising awareness of such a
worthwhile charity in Invisible Children.”
~ Scott Baker-Marflitt, No Half Measures

“This was my seventh year pairing my acts with showcases hosted by Jennifer DaRe. The “All Together Now Showcase” is never a disappointment. Right in the middle of all the action on 6th Street, the venue is always the perfect size with a friendly staff and great sound engineer, and best of all, Jennifer always rocks out for a good cause. 2011 boasted a lineup LOADED with talent. If I could clone myself, I might try to manage every band on the list!! Jennifer definitely knows how to surround herself with “amazing”!! Looking forward to 2012 and many more years to come!” ~ Bert Landry, Uppercut Management

“We Are The In Crowd performed as part of the All Together Now/Invisible Children showcase at SXSW and it couldn’t have been better. Jennifer DaRe did a great job putting it together and we’re so happy the band got to be a part of it” ~ Christina Lupinacci, Manager, We Are The In Crowd

“I was very impressed by the work that Jennifer DaRe did in organizing the fundraiser for Invisible Children during SXSW recently. The crowd was very good and attentive (so obviously they were aware) and the sound was exceptional for a small venue. The All Together Now Showcase was modest, but it was also a statement that resonated out of the venue and on to the street. I feel as though this is a very important event and would love to participate with Jen on this in the future.” ~ Jason Burns, Manager Hey Rosetta!

“The ATN Showcase in Austin was outstanding! Jennifer and her team did a tremendous job of making sure all the details were handled and ran a very tight ship overall. Our sound was incredible and the staff was very helpful. It was a pleasure to be a part of this benefit for Invisible Children, and we look forward to participating in the next one!” ~ Rock Elliott, Manager That Noise

“The All Together Now Showcase that Jennifer DaRe and Invisible Children put on was the perfect event to showcase my band, The Right Coast. The Bayou Lounge was located right on 6th St, in the heart of SXSW. The sound, staff, and crew were all professional and easy to work with. From a manager’s standpoint, it made my job much easier and I got to enjoy a great show. Jennifer also has an amazing ear for picking a wonderful lineup of bands. Myself and my band can’t wait to come back next year!” ~ Mike Scocozza, Manager The Right Coast

“Jennifer DaRe did an incredible job with coordinating her ATN Showcase this year. My artist, Action Item, had a great time being involved and will love to be a part next year as well…… amazing charity to support, Invisible Children.” ~ Ryan Soroka, Manager Action Item

“Jennifer DaRe’s SXSW showcase, ‘All Together Now’ which benefited the charity ‘Invisible Children’ was a wonderful and smooth running experience. It was one of the best located events at the Bayou Lounge, 500 East 6th Street, right in the heart of the Festival. The sound, the venue and the professionalism of Jennifer and her staff was amazing and I look forward to more of my bands playing the event next year and future years to come. Many thanks.” ~ Warren Huart, VP Swing House

“We had a great time at the All Together Now Showcase, and it’s a pleasure to work with amazing people who not only love great music but support charitable causes. Many thanks to Jennifer DaRe for putting together a great event that was able to stand out amid the chaos that is SXSW.” ~ Mike Kato, manager for Halos

“Popwreckoning was thrilled to be a part of helping Invisible Children during the 2010 All Together Now Showcase. Compared to other showcases in Austin, I think ATN ran an amazingly tight ship, thanks to having Jennifer DaRe at the helm. There was no confusion to speak of, allowing an amazing presence and environment in venue.” ~ Joshua Hammond, PopWreckoning

“Jennifer DaRe’s passion, high energy and never-say-die attitude made her All Together Now Showcase at SXSW one of the most diverse musically – with a reputation for curating both unknown bands and those on their way to being the next big thing – as long as her ears told her they would sound good and be awesome live! Add to that a rare non-commercial dose of goodwill through her prominent and sincere showcase at the event of charity Invisible Children, and you have something that stands out – even on Austin’s insanely over-sung 6th Street.” ~ Dennis “The Menace” Scheyer, KUSF/BandTogether

“The ATN Showcase was one of the best showcases that I attended at SXSW. Jennifer DaRe and her team were a pleasure to work with. If you are ever in Austin for SXSW this is one showcase that you don’t want to miss.” ~ David Klein, Good Guys In Black ™

“The All Together Now Showcase was great to be a part of. Jennifer DaRe put together a fantastic lineup that raised awareness and support for Invisible Children in addition to providing a great opportunity for the bands performing.” ~ Jon Moore, APA